1 dead, 1 missing in flood in Rockville apartment complex

A man has died and another is missing after flooding at an apartment complex in Rockville, Maryland, which also displaced at least 150 people.

A man has died and another is missing following flooding at an apartment complex in Rockville, Md., Which also displaced at least 150 people as of Wednesday morning.

Shiera D. Goff, of the Montgomery County Police Department, said fire and rescue services received several calls about the apartment flooding around 3:50 a.m. at Rock Creek Woods Apartments.

“It was the apartments at the terrace level that were inundated,” Goff said, adding that rescue teams were able “to evacuate around 10 people through their windows”.

She said a man, a 19-year-old, has died and another person is missing.

Three people were hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries. A firefighter was also arrested with minor injuries.

Goff said the Red Cross is moving to the Queens Guard Recreation Center.

Residents who may have left the Rock Creek Woods apartments are urged to contact Montgomery County authorities at 301-279-8000 to ensure everyone is covered.

“In my 60 years of living in this county, I have never seen anything like it,” County Director Mark Elrich said. “It really is a scene you would expect to see in hurricane country.”

He said officials were “bringing all the resources” to see what had happened and warned that the hurricane season was “far from over.”

“It was clearly a huge level of precipitation,” said Dr Earl Stoddard, director of the county’s office of emergency management and homeland security.

The county will open a shelter if it needs it.

The 19-year-old who died in the flood has been identified as Melkin Daniel Cedillo. OMPP information partners Telemundo Washington spoke to his mother Daisy, who was with him as the water flooded their apartment.

“I could never have imagined that; He was right by my side, ”Daisy said in Spanish. “My God, this pain is too much for me. This pain has no comparison with anything, my god.

The property next to the complex is under Rockville jurisdiction, according to Stoddard. A stream flows into a culvert under the building. There were no obvious blockages in the culvert, Stoddard said, but there was evidence that it had spilled onto the nearby road and into the basin where the two apartment buildings are located.

There have been water rescues at two apartment complexes in Rockville, according to Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein.

One of the locations was on Congressional Lane near Rockville Pike at Congressional Towers, while the other was along Twinbrook Parkway next to Veirs Mill Road at Rock Creek Woods Apartments.

Twinbrook Parkway is closed between Viers Mill Road. and Parklawn Dr. after a major flood.

“The water inside some of these apartments was almost completely at ceiling level,” Goldstein said.

“I was just sleeping and all of a sudden I started hearing water running from the door,” said Christian Chapa, a resident of one of the lower levels of the Rock Creek Woods apartments. “I went to check the living room window and it was already half covered with water and water was coming out of it.”

Chapa said the door suddenly opened and water entered.

“The water was up to my waist,” Chapa said. “I just sort of ran.”

Some of Chapa’s neighbors had to be rescued by boat.

OMCP’s Nick Iannelli reported live on Facebook on Wednesday morning:

Goldstein said ongoing research efforts will involve pumping tens of thousands of gallons of water into four buildings so that teams can see better inside.

The flooding at the congressional towers was not as severe, but the building’s boiler room contained 6 feet of water, according to Goldstein.

“This approximately nine-story building will likely be without electricity until it is restored and inspected,” Goldstein said.

20 other units of people in the towers of Congress were moved.

The Columbia Rec Center welcomes people. It is open until 10 p.m., but can stay open later.

OMCT’s Nick Iannelli reported from Rockville. Rick Massimo, Will Vitka, José Umaña and Colleen Kelleher from the WTO contributed to this report.

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