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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Hundreds of animals are in need, and so far only a handful of volunteers have come forward to help.

Last night, officials from Helena-West shut down the Humane Society of the Delta due to conditions inside the shelter.

The facility manager was charged with 285 counts of animal cruelty.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Animal Shelter Closes, Director Charged With 285 Animal Cruelty Charges

As Fox13 discovered, these animals and the shelter are desperately helped by volunteers.

The volunteers called the job of trying to take care of all of these overwhelming animals.

“There are 300 to 400 dogs that are sitting in cages without food or water, in their own feces and urine, and they need to be cleaned and cared for.” said Leslie Galloway. Galloway is one of five volunteers who showed up on Friday to care for hundreds of animals at The Humane Society. She told us it touched her heart.

“It breaks him. These dogs deserve to be happy in a house, on a couch, running, playing, running and playing with families who love them and not just sitting in cages asking for help with eyes watching you, please take me out. said Galloway.

The shelter is still considered a crime scene, but investigators let in volunteers to care for the animals. Only the sickest animals are taken to veterinary care. Custody of the animals, for now, has been handed over to the city by a judge. In the meantime, volunteers are scarce.

“There are only a handful of people at the moment. there are literally three people here right now trying to take care of over 300 animals, dogs and cats. said Galloway.

On Monday, the city will open the shelter for people to claim animals by Tuesday. We are told that at least one aid company from a neighboring county is supposed to provide aid. Cyd Dunlap of Oxford has been involved in animal rescue for years. She says that such a big job cannot get enough help.

“I don’t know if you could have that many. There are dogs for miles. Looks like hundreds of dogs. Probably some of the worst conditions of all my rescue years. Dunlap said.

If you are volunteering, shelter volunteers are asked to wear rubber boots, gloves and masks for protection.

The shelter is also seeking donations of cleaning supplies, bleach, garden hoses, and dog and cat food.

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