4th Annual Camp LIT Program Continues to Inspire and Empower Young Women

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – This week, the Harrisonburg Fire Department and Rockingham County Fire and Rescue Department hosted their 4th annual Camp LIT program for young women ages 14-16.

“I’ve always loved helping people and I don’t know if I just feel like it’s my passion,” said first-time participant Alyssa Shank.

The Camp LIT program shows young women like Alyssa what life in public safety is like, through hands-on activities and real-world training with those who work in the field every day.

“Camp LIT is all about leadership, integrity and pioneering, and every day, in addition to exposing these young women to what life as a first responder is all about, we focus on empowerment,” said the HFD Lt. Erin Stehle.

This piece hopes to resonate with campers and inspire a new era of female career firefighters, who, according to the National Fire Protection Association, make up just 5% of professionals in the field.

“A lot of public safety is dominated by men, so the goal is to show them that they are capable and capable of being part of this field of activity,” said Lt. Tyler Jessup of Rockingham County. Fire and Rescue.

CPR and lifesaving training and learning the ropes of everyday equipment like hoses and ladders have only fueled more motivation for a career in the field like camper Alyssa Shank, who says she always wanted to get a job in public safety.

“Just in public like something happened and I was the only one who knew how to do that, it would be important for that person to save that person’s life,” Shank said.

The Harrisonburg Fire Department is also currently recruiting firefighters for the current stations and will need 15 additional firefighters once the new Station 5 is built and operational. You can read more about these opportunities here.

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