8 socially conscious wedding gift ideas

Even if they haven’t asked for any gifts, showing up to a wedding without something for the couple can seem awkward. Newlyweds can ask guests to donate to a favorite cause or charity on their behalf, but when they don’t, it can be difficult to find an alternative when arriving empty-handed.

Just as a couple would appreciate a donation on their behalf, they might appreciate knowing that you have chosen to buy them something that supports a small business. They may also appreciate knowing that you have selected a gift that helps them live more sustainably.

The following eight ideas are recommended by environmental activists and social justice advocates who have dedicated their time to making the planet fairer and more livable. They include both practical and charitable gifts, all of which do a little more good than your traditional toaster oven.

Elizabeth Teo works in communications for the Toronto Environmental Alliance. She uses social media to draw attention to climate and waste issues.

Hive Brands grocery box, starting at $ 10

Personalize a zero waste kit from Hive Brands for the couple. You can choose items to fit your budget. It saves them the hassle and helps them get started in their new home.

The Box of Life Worm Studio Vermicomposter, $ 210

“This vermicomposter is a useful gift and a hands-on learning experience. It turns food scraps into nutrient-rich compost for a garden. You can place it in a kitchen without having to worry about the smell or pests.

Pattie Gonia, drag queen and environmentalist, raises funds and educates LGBTQ and environmental groups.

Cooperative locator Cooperatives for a better world

“Membership of a cooperative in the couple’s region supports local farmers, breeders and producers. It helps our planet and supports a local economy. My favorite: Central Oregon Locavore in Bend, Ore. “

Nori Carbon Removal, starting at $ 15

“Carbon offsets reduce the emissions produced by things like driving or flying. You can buy them through renewable energy projects or carbon sequestration projects like Nori. The gift sparks thoughtful conversations about our surroundings.

Francesca Willow is the blogger behind Ethical Unicorn, which covers sustainability and social justice.

Who Gives a Crap Subscription to 100% recycled toilet paper, starting at $ 30

“A subscription to Who Gives A Crap sends out loose toilet paper or paper towels made from recycled paper. For people who are creating new homes together, it is an easy, durable and practical lifestyle alternative.

Choose Gift of love, starting at $ 1

Choose Love does invaluable work around the world to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. If a couple prefers charitable giving, this is my first choice.

Gina Danza left a corporate TV job in 2017 to become an outdoor photographer who encourages people of color to explore nature.

“Reusable Stasher bags are great for cooking, traveling and more. If the couple opens them before the wedding, they can even freeze a slice of wedding cake in one.

Native Women’s Hike Donation, starting at $ 1

“Wherever you are, it is homeland. People get married on native land. A donation to Indigenous Women Hike will help fund Indigenous history awareness work on public lands.

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