A rescue center overwhelmed with dogs who “don’t know what they’ve done wrong”

A rescue center has issued an urgent appeal for donations from the public, as an increase in the number of dogs with behavioral problems transmitted by several owners has put it “under more pressure than ever”.

8 Below Husky Rescue, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, hit capacity with their kennel bill last month reaching over £ 2,000.

Simon Prosser, 52, a project manager who works as a permanent volunteer at 8 Below Husky Rescue, told TeamDogs: “We went through a period where we didn’t have the expected increase in abandoned pups last year. , because rescues, the owners passed them on or sold them to different people.

“So a lot of the dogs we’ve rescued over the past 18 months had multiple owners. It’s very confusing for the dogs because they don’t know what they’ve done wrong.

“Some of the dogs that have recently been transferred to us may only stay in a house for a few weeks, and then they go away again and again.

“It has left a lot of them with behavioral issues, and it takes more resources and time to rehabilitate them. “

The rescue recently rehabilitated a severely arrested dog named Felix, who arrived at the kennel in a frightened state.

Simon said: “It’s so closed he would just sit in a corner, panting with his head and tail down. He came to see me for rehabilitation. When I picked him up to carry him with the car to my house, he was so scared he pissed on me.

“We worked with him for 10 weeks, desensitizing him and helping him overcome his confidence issues, and now he’s a really happy and loving dog.

“This level of rehabilitation takes five times longer than usual, as well as more resources, but we haven’t increased our adoption costs. This is what put enormous financial pressure on the rescue.

Adoption fees for a puppy under one year old are £ 250 and £ 200 for a dog over five, meaning the kennel must cover the extra costs for any dog ​​that remains to the rescue for more than a month.

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On top of these standard costs, the vet’s bill could result in rescue expenses of up to £ 228 for a dog in need of spaying (£ 150), vaccination (£ 58) and a deworming and flea treatment (£ 20).

8 Below Husky Rescue still calls on public donations continue their rehabilitation work on dogs with behavioral problems.

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