A wine fundraiser was organized to support the Prince William Humane Society

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VA – The Prince William Humane Society and ONEHOPE Wine are teaming up for a wine fundraiser to support animals in need across Virginia. The fundraiser, which will donate a percentage of each bottle of wine sold at the event, will run until Friday, November 5.

The Wags-N-Wine fundraiser will support the Humane Society’s Homeless Animals Support Network, which helps fund local animal rescue organizations in areas of high poverty and struggling to acquire resources. Ten percent of every wine order sold during the fundraiser will go to the humanitarian company.

Lori Archer is director of ONEHOPE Wine, a self-proclaimed “cause-centric” winery. To date, ONEHOPE claims to have raised over $ 7.5 million for causes around the world.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to partner with the Prince William Humane Society to raise funds through the sale of award-winning Napa Valley wines and gifts delivered right to your door,” said Archer. “The holiday season is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a good bottle of wine while supporting your local animal shelter at the same time? “

Lori Leary is the president of the Prince William Humane Society, which manages the Homeless Animals Support Network. Leary said she is happy fundraisers like this exist because they help small organizations fund their essential work.

“These small but impressive organizations are dedicated to helping the people and animals in their communities with sterilization and sterilization services, vaccines, food and supplies, veterinary care and housing and even setting up fences so chained dogs can be released to frolic in a yard like normal dogs should, ”Leary said.

More information on the work of the Prince William Humane Society and their Homeless Animals Support Network is available online.

By purchasing a bottle through the Wags-N-Wine fundraiser, supporters can help organizations in Virginia help animals in need. “Not to mention the wine is delicious,” Leary said.

Anyone can support fundraising and the Prince William Humane Society by purchasing through the Wags-N-Wine link on the ONEHOPE Wine website.

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