American Rescue Relief Funds in Benton County

Millions of dollars from the US bailout are being deposited into city county bank accounts as they decide how best to spend the funds.

The US bailout has sent millions of dollars to counties and cities in our state, but that money cannot be spent on just anything, which is why cities and counties are taking their time deciding on the best way to spend it.

The $ 54 million has gone to Benton County and so far it has received $ 27 million.

Judge Barry Moehring said the quorum tribunal’s US bailout committee is carefully deciding how to spend the funds. He says that on Tuesday (September 21) evening they approved a bonus payment to county employees who worked on the front lines during the pandemic.

“We have provided additional funds to our purely voluntary fire department which actually serves to a large extent as the county fire department,” Moehring said. committee which is the quorum tribunal will also begin to make more in-depth decisions on some larger projects. “

Judge Moehring says they want to spend the funds on ways to alleviate COVID issues and issues that arose during the pandemic. He says they are contacting the community to help decide where these funds should be spent.

“If you have been affected by COVID or think there is something you can do to mitigate COVID in the future, submit a proposal. We’ve had about a dozen submissions so far, we’re taking these proposals until the end of October for this cycle, and then the ARP committee will review those proposals before the end of the year, ”Moehring said.

The Benton County ARP committee voted last night to donate $ 113,000 to the NWA council for an advertising campaign to get more people vaccinated. The quorum court is yet to approve the funds next week, but the NWA council is asking for funds from the two counties and the four major cities of Benton and Washington counties to contribute to the $ 1.2 million campaign.

Health care transformation division NWA Council executive director Ryan Cork said the campaign would target unvaccinated people who said the reason they weren’t getting vaccinated was because they needed to more time to understand the vaccine and see side effects.

“We will partner with local area hospitals to share on a regional story the effects this has had on patients who have come to the hospital both positive for covid who have fully recovered and unfortunately those who do not. ‘haven’t been as good,’ said Liege.

In Sebastian County, Judge David Hudson says they will receive a total of $ 24 million from the ARP and have yet to spend the $ 12 million they received because they expect more advice from the federal government to make sure they are spending it properly.

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