Animal lover finds abandoned dog killed on the street

ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Odessa pet owners have seen an alarming number of stray animals in the area and they think it’s only getting worse.

Erin Minyard, pet shelter owner and member of West Texas Pet Detective, says she sees too many dogs left behind in her neighborhood.

“Even when I lived in the Westside a few years ago, people had nothing to do at West University and throw a dog and go on,” says Erin.

Erin tells us that last weekend a dog was hit by a car outside his house because he was allowed to roam the streets.

“Shortly after the car lifted off the ground as my roommate was trying to cross the street to retrieve the puppy, another car pulled up on 38th Street and hit it and killed it,” Erin said.

This incident upset Erin so much that she reported it to the police and begs the public to find out who did it. She tells us that “if people don’t want to own dogs,” there are safe shelters that will accommodate them.

“If you’re desperate and feel like this is something you need to do, there are resources you can call on,” Erin explains.

Odessa Humane Society tells us that stray animals have become a growing problem in the region, due to a large transient population in West Texas.

Erin shared with us that a solution to the increase in stray animals in pet stores could be solved with a public incentive.

“People don’t know it, but most shelters are at full capacity. They want people to adopt, and many places may offer a “rehousing fee that can pay for vaccinations of a newly adopted animal,” says Erin.

Although Erin encourages people to adopt pets, she says it might not be for everyone.

For those who decide that owning a pet is not in the cards for you, there are several facilities like Fix West Texas, Odessa Humane Society, and Lonestar Sanctuary for Animals, which can be a new home for one. pet you no longer want. .

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