Bay County officials want your help with disaster recovery

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — Local emergency officials say they want your help the next time disaster strikes the area.

After Hurricane Michael, Bay County emergency management officials realized that first responders were overwhelmed and could have used help from the community. Now the county is running a course to train you if you want to help.

These are called the Basic Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training courses. If you join the course, you will learn the roles and responsibilities of first aid, basic search and rescue, and disaster preparedness. You can then volunteer at the emergency operations center, help with traffic control, light search and rescue, or run volunteer or donation centers.

“The CERT program is very beneficial to the community. This gives Bay County residents the skills and knowledge they need so that if something happens, they have the ability to take care of family, friends, neighbors first until that emergency responders can come in and really give them the support they need,” Eric Kunzman, Bay County Emergency Management Planner.

The two-week course begins February 15 and is free.

To attend a CERT Foundation course and/or become a member of the Bay County CERT program, please register online at Bay County CERTs.

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