Bridgeport FD conducts firefighter rescue training

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – The Bridgeport Fire Department hosted a special training day on Saturday where firefighters learned how to save each other if the need arises.

The ministry sponsored what is called the “firefighter survival and rapid response team”. This is according to Rob Blasetti, head of training at Interstate rescue, a private company which participates in the animation of these trainings.

“We do a lot of firefighter training on how to save victims and put out fires,” Blasetti said. “But, we also need to get training on how to save firefighters and save our own. So we have fire crews dedicated to the fire scene, and we are looking at the strategies and tactics to deal with if we had a Mayday called to the fire scene.

Blasetti said that thanks to the training sponsored by the department, other departments in the state were able to take advantage and learn the skills and techniques necessary to save one of their own.

There was even a Butler, PA volunteer fire department there. All have followed the same training.

“It’s all about access,” said Blasetti. “If there is a firefighter on the ground, something has happened, either they have lost air, they are lost in a smoking environment in a known unknown building, or the fire has overtaken them and burned down. the ground under them in the basement and they fell through. “

He continued.

So what we’re doing is we’re developing different techniques today, or this morning.

Firefighters receive a lesson in a small group session

“So we have a forced entry to learn how to go through a locked door. We cut bars on the windows behind me, so if we have anti-theft bars on the windows, we can access them. And, we also do a fire attack and learn different techniques on how to run the water to make it more tenable for the firefighters and the victims who are inside.

What firefighters are called upon to do on any given day, Blasetti said, is “dangerous” and that is why providing this type of training is so “critical”.

“We often go into the unknown, and we’re actually behind the eight ball on that,” said Blasetti. “And part of the building deteriorates when it’s on fire, so we have to train for these teams to go and respond to it. Here in this part of West Virginia because of the downsizing, we have to be very – it’s very unique in how these teams get together while they’re also doing firefighter duties so that we can go and rescue the one of ours. “

Overall, Blasetti said it has been a very productive day and received a lot of feedback from the participating firefighters.

Many called it “the best class ever,” he said.

Many of them said, “I have learned a lot more techniques than I have learned in one session than I have learned in my entire career.

Blasetti said Interstate Rescue brings a “different flavor,” which he thinks firefighters are responding to.

“We are bringing different techniques to the area which will hopefully allow you to make us all safer as we go through and do our job better for the citizens.”

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