Butler County Animal Shelter opens up about the realities of being a ‘no-kill’ shelter

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Willy the Labrador was adopted this morning from the Butler County Animal Shelter.

Willy had been returned to the shelter earlier in the year and had been there for over 50 days. The already overcrowded shelter posted on its Facebook how Willy would be euthanized later in the month if no one could adopt him.

“We let it be known that he was in desperate need of a home,” said Butler County shelter manager Ruby Fooks, “and a perfect family came in this morning and adopted him.”

The situation has opened up a discussion about what it means to be a “no killing” refuge.

“So the Butler County Animal Shelter is in a non-killing status, which we don’t like the term non-killing. This means that you must save 90% or more of your arriving animals. And currently, about 96% of county animal shelters. Fooks said.

Fooks added that the shelter is also open admission, which means “any stray animals that come through the doors” must be cared for by the shelter.

The Humane Society of Kentucky reported that, of the more than six thousand animals collected in 2021, nearly two percent were lost to house euthanasia. Outside of adoption, says Fooks, education and fostering are the best options.

“If you can get in with your local shelter, like I said, see what happens for yourself. Go ahead, get in there and just educate the rest of your community about neutering and neutering,” Fooks explained, “When you adopt from a foster family, you’re not just saving the animal you bring home. house, but by opening a kennel here, you might save another animal. So that saves two instead of one.

To find your local shelter or to learn more about how to help, visit the Humane Society website.

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