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By the way, on Wednesday RCACP was overseeing the care of 297 creatures, about two-thirds of which are housed at its refuge on Baldwin Avenue in northeast Roanoke. (Most of the rest are placed in pet foster care.) This includes 61 dogs, 135 cats, eight rabbits, a parrot, and Petunia.

(The other bird at the refuge, a chaffinch his clever workers named “Atticus,” was adopted on Tuesday, Warner said.)

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The pig is “a nice girl and likes having her butt scratched; she gets cranky if she thinks you’re holding treats and will munch on a pant leg to get your attention, ”Warner said.

Hazlegrove told me that she hopes this column will help reunite Petunia with her owner. But, “if someone threw it in, hopefully someone else screams at it,” she added.

Cha Cha, the 18-month-old emu, managed to avoid being arrested by the authorities. After two weeks of wandering the wilds of Bedford County, Roanoke County and Vinton, he is now at home in his enclosure alongside his companion, Slide. Laginess-Wilson and her husband also raise two young emus – Dora and Boots – on their farm, Wicked Willow Ranch.

She started raising emus a year and a half ago, she said. Originally, Laginess-Wilson intended to harvest meat from birds. She said a health issue prevented her from consuming mammal flesh.

Since then, she added, she loves birds far too much to think of them as food. She called them “the wackiest and funniest things.”

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