CHP Helicopter Rescues Hiker With Broken Leg – Redheaded Blackbelt

Rescue of a hiker. [Photo from the California Highway Patrol’s Northern Division AirOps]

California Highway Patrol Northern Division Press Release:

Last night, July 20, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office called for help responding to a personal locator beacon emergency distress signal from the Granite Lake area in the Alpine Wilderness of the Trinity. This beautiful lake is located 6,500 feet on the eastern side of the wilderness area.

H-14 responded to the request and located an adult female who fell while hiking around the lake and suffered a major fracture in her lower leg, which prevented her from walking. The injured subject was visiting the area with his teenage son and the family dog. A few other people were camping by the lake and providing assistance. The H-14 crew landed on a ridge near the injured subject and descended to contact them.

A second CHP helicopter was called in to assist with the rescue. Our paramedic stabilized the injury and prepared the injured subject for transport. We were able to bring the second helicopter closer to the injured subject by landing on a small area of ​​grass along the shore of the lake.

The only problem was that the shore between the helicopter and the injured subject was covered with dense vegetation. Together, the crews transported the injured subject approximately 100 meters into the water near the shore to avoid dense vegetation and reached the second helicopter.

The injured subject was transported to the regional trauma center, while his son and dog were returned to our base in Redding to connect with other families.

Thanks to the other campers who were ready to help as much as possible.

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