City approves $121 million U.S. bailout funding allocations

Even if the federal stimulus checks don’t come, some state and local governments are using the federal funds they have received to make targeted stimulus payments. Recently, the Las Vegas City Council approved a plan for using the funds obtained under the US rescue plan Law, which was approved in March last year. The funds would not be used to give stimulus checks to individuals, but rather the Las Vegas stimulus checks would go to support the causes, issues and groups most affected by the pandemic. The city of Las Vegas secured $121 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act.

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Las Vegas stimulus checks: what are they?

Last week, the Las Vegas City Council approved the plan to distribute $121 million in US Federal Bailout Act relief dollars to nonprofits, local businesses, at affordable prices. lodging projects and other response groups related to the pandemic.

Nonprofits will get the highest percentage of total funds at 40%, while the other three groups will get 20% each. If we do the math, the nonprofits will get over $49 million, while the other three groups will get over $23 million each.

Note that the city authorities have already finalized the list of recipients who will receive the Vegas stimulus checks. According to authorities, the city has received more than 500 funding applications totaling about $2.2 billion.

Of the total applications, the authorities selected 149 eligible candidates. The selection criteria considered the area the grantee would target, how the grantee would use the funds, and the impact of the pandemic on the organization.

Who got the funding?

The largest individual funding went to Youth Development and Social Innovation, which received $14 million. This department runs programs that educate young Las Vegans in seven courses on professionalism and job readiness, such as creating a professional resume and preparing for interviews.

About $8 million has been set aside for the construction of a new job training center in east Las Vegas. Additionally, $6 million would go to Strong Start Academy Elementary School. The city has launched Strong Start Academies to support early education.

Two other organizations expected to get about $6 million are the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at the UNLV Biomedical Research Facility and Strategic Services for an affordable housing development in Desert Pines. To see the full list of recipients, visit

Now that recipients are selected, authorities are working to notify those recipients, distribute the Las Vegas stimulus checksas well as monitoring program performance.

About $9.6 million of the total funds will be kept in reserve and the city has until December 31, 2024 to decide how to use these funds. If the reserve amount remains unused, the authorities plan to make these funds available to applicants who were not selected for funding this time around.

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