City officials help register pets at a Humane Society event Friday in Muscatine

MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) – City of Muscatine staff will help local pet owners register their pets Friday at the Canine Activity Center.

Dogs and cats six months and older must be registered with the city of Muscatine, city officials said in a news release.

The city suspended first-year registration fees for neutered dogs and cats from March 19 to April 30 to promote pet registration, the city said. Offer does not apply to uncastrated animals.

“We’ve been hosting this event with the city for many years now,” said Chris McGinnis, director of the Muscatine Humane Society. “Last year, around 70 pets passed in two hours. This year, we hope to have 100 pets during the three-hour event.

The Muscatine Humane Society will offer rabies vaccination for $10.00 and microchipping, including microchipping registration for $15.00, the city said. The company will also offer $10-$12 ID tags that will be engraved while you wait. Dr. Robert Hathaway, DVM, will administer the vaccine.

“Dogs must be on a leash while cats must be tied up in a carrier,” McGinnis said.

The city of Muscatine said it suspended first-year registration fees for neutered dogs and cats from March 19 through April 30 to promote pet registration in the city.(City of Muscatine)

According to the city, a pet license runs concurrently with the animal’s rabies vaccination. The pet license must be renewed annually with each annual rabies vaccination, the city said. If an animal has received a two- or three-year vaccination, the animal’s license must be renewed annually or pay the multiple-year license fee at the time of registration.

The city said the Muscatine Humane Society event will be held from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Canine Activity Center located next to the Humane Society at 920 S. Houser Street.

The city said the annual cost to register a neutered pet is $5.00, but is reduced to $3.00 for pet owners 65 and older. The fee for unneutered pets is $25.00 per year, with the annual fee reduced to $15.00 per year for pet owners 65 and older, the city said.

The city said owners must bring proof of neutering or sterilization of all pets attending the clinic and registering with the city. A certificate from a licensed veterinarian stating that the dog or cat received a rabies vaccination and the date the inoculation took place is also required.

The city said the pet license requirement applies to all animals over six months old, but excludes owners of guide dogs or owners confined to a wheelchair from paying the fee. However, owners are required to register their animals with the City Hall Finance Office.

The city said the department keeps a complete record of all licensed dogs and cats, their breed, color and gender, along with the owner’s name and address and license tag number. The registry is used to verify compliance with city code during investigations conducted by the Muscatine Police Department Animal Control Officer.

Revisions to Chapter 8 (Animal Regulations) of Title 6 (Police and Public Safety) of the City of Muscatine Code were recently approved by the City of Muscatine County. The revised ordinance came into effect on Sunday, March 13, 2022. Informative articles on changes to the animal control ordinance will be published in the future.

The City of Muscatine said that for more information on pet licensing, call the finance department at 563-264-1550 or visit the Pet Licensing page on the city’s website.

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