City’s Second Maritime Search and Rescue Center opens in Jinshan

Ti Gong

A helicopter performs a rescue mission.

The Shanghai District-based Second Maritime Search and Rescue Center began operations in Jinshan District on Wednesday, the city’s maritime safety authorities said.

The first was installed in the island district of Chongming.

The center, designated as an information and relocation platform, will deal with all accidents that occur in offshore areas. It is like an “offshore-119” information reception center, according to the authorities.

If accidents or life-threatening incidents occur in aquatic areas, the center will first receive the distress call. He will then assign the rescue task to the corresponding services.

Its supervision area covers the Jinshan water areas north of Hangzhou Bay and the waters along the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park.

A total of 22 local services, including maritime, public security, fishing and firefighting authorities, were involved in setting up the center.

As many international chemical companies such as BASF, BAYER and SECCO are based in Jinshan SCIP, the coastal area of ​​the district has seen an increase in maritime trade while witnessing the arrival of large numbers of ships of dangerous goods and of freighters.

In addition, cultural, tourist and sports activities in the paddling pool have become more frequent, officials said.

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