Coles partners with SecondBite to fight food insecurity

Coles Liquor is supporting the SecondBite food rescue charity to help give a little zest for life to Australians who are roughing it up at Christmas, by collecting donations from customers at more than 900 stores across Australia from November 22 to December 12.

A donation of just $ 2 to any Liquorland store, First Choice Liquor Market or Vintage Cellars allows SecondBite to put the equivalent of ten meals on the table for Australians in need, many of whom have been forced to forgo. meals just to continue paying essential bills during the pandemic.

While Christmas is a time to celebrate and reconnect with friends and family for many, SecondBite research indicates that for a growing number of Australians, the financial burden of the season is adding pressure on already stretched budgets.

SecondBite has reported a significant increase in the number of people seeking food support since the start of the pandemic, with 73% of community organizations experiencing higher demand compared to the same time last year.

SecondBite chief executive Steve Clifford said demand for food aid is expected to remain high as jobs gradually recover from the impact of lockdowns and the shutdown of parts of the economy.

“Giving is at the heart of almost all of our Christmas traditions and this is reflected in the generosity of Australians during the holiday season,” said Clifford.

“Christmas should be a time to celebrate the things that really matter, our bond with family and friends – regardless of where your next meal is coming from. A donation of just $ 2 allows us to provide enough food for up to ten meals to people who would otherwise go hungry at this special time of year.

Co-founded by husband and wife team Ian and Simone Carson in 2005, SecondBite first partnered with Coles in 2011 to save unsold food and work with its community organizations to transform surplus produce and items from pantry in meals and in food relief baskets.

The partnership was further strengthened in 2014 when Coles Liquor joined with us to raise funds to ensure SecondBite could work with local non-profit groups to distribute meals and food across Australia. .

“The generosity of our customers and the hard work of our team members at Coles Liquor Group have delivered the equivalent of nearly 34 million meals to needy Australians over the past seven years,” said Steve Hugginson, Managing Director of Coles Liquor’s operations.

“We are so proud of this partnership with SecondBite, which taps into the extraordinary efforts of local charities across the country and connects powerfully with our enterprise-wide ambition of Together Against Hunger.

“When customers donate to our Christmas Appeal, they make a real difference with 100% of all profits going directly to SecondBite. “

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