Conroe OKs equipment for deep sea rescue vehicles

After Conroe City Council approved a grant late last year that would help fund the purchase of two specialist vehicles to help with water rescues, the council gave the Conroe Fire Department the go-ahead for the purchase of equipment for trucks.

The purchase will include radio equipment for emergency and non-emergency communications. The board approved the purchase of Dailey Wells Communications Inc. for $72,987.87.

In October, the city approved a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $351,207.18. The total cost of the vehicles is $412,222.19, leaving the city to cover the remaining $61,015.01

According to CFD Assistant Chief and Training Officer Joe Craig, the new deep sea vehicle rescue program will fill a need in the community. CFD has operated a swift water rescue team for approximately seven years.

“They performed a number of rescues during (Hurricane) Harvey and water events since then,” he said. “It’s during those that we’ve had some challenges that we want to tackle. We’ve had the chance to use some public works equipment, but it doesn’t really fit the purpose.

The new vehicles, Craig said, will help people who don’t care about getting around. Vehicles have lifts and mechanisms to bring people who may be in wheelchairs or bedridden. According to information provided by CFD, the vehicles are equipped with folding seats to make room for wheelchairs, stretchers or mobile beds. Trucks can also transport pallets with water, supplies, cleaning materials, clothing, fuel or other items.

In addition to vehicles, the program includes emergency lighting, night vision, portable radios, inflatable rescue, personal flood protection equipment and a fire extinguisher pad.

In other cases:

License plate readers: Council approved a two-year, $120,965 contract with Flock Safety to install and maintain license plate readers at 22 locations across the city.

Video Storage: The city has agreed to upgrade its servers for the Conroe Police Department to increase storage for additional video. The board approved a $52,419.12 purchase from Knight Security.

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