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Waffles nods at the sound of the camera shutter during the Corgi Tower on October 2. The Corgi Tower is an annual gathering of corgis and their owners who parade through Old Town Fort Collins. (Garrett Mogel | The College Boy)

Corgi Ride, one of Fort Collins’ most popular events, returned last weekend to the streets of Old Town. Last year, the event took place entirely online.

For the seventh year, corgi owners from across the country flocked to Civic Center Park with their furry friends to socialize with other corgi enthusiasts and take part in the costume parade that draws large groups of spectators each year.

The roots of Tour de Corgi are in Fort Collins through and through. According to the official event websiteFounder Tracy Stewart saw corgi events happening across the country and decided to hang in there.

If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s based on Fort Collins’ tradition of the Tour of Fat, a costumed bike ride through the Old Town hosted annually by the New Belgium Brewing Company.

The owners of a bumblebee costumed corgi named Bean first participated in the parade this year rather than as attendees.

One of Bean’s owners Jay, who only provided his first name, said, “I look at them and they make me happy because they’re always kind of smiling. … They are so adorable.

“They also have such great personalities that it’s impossible for them not to be funny at some point,” added Ronnie, also one of the owners of Bean who only provided his first name.

In addition to the four-legged festivities, Corgi’s Ride is also a fundraiser for a number of local animal-focused charities.

In recent years, there has been a live costume contest, as many participants dress their dogs for the event. This year, however, the contest took place on Instagram via the hashtag # TourdeCorgi2021, following on from last year’s virtual precedent.

Currently the puppy with the most votes is a Welsh Pembroke Corgi named Snacks, who donned a homemade cowboy costume. Jorey, one of the Snacks owners who didn’t provide his first name, said what makes the Corgi Tour so special is that: everyone getting overwhelmed by the cuteness and petting a bunch of dogs very soft.

This is the second time Snacks has participated in the Tour de Corgi, his first time being when he was only 10 and a half weeks old. Snacks can be found on her Instagram page @snacksyboi.

In addition to the four-legged festivities, Corgi’s Ride is also a fundraiser for a number of local animal-focused charities. This year, the beneficiaries were 4 Paws Pet Pantry, Colorado Corgis and Friends Rescue and Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue.

4 Paws was founded in 2009 by April Castillon and has donated approximately 15 million pounds of food over its 11 year history. They collect treats, food, and pet supplies from the community and donate them to those in need, including those who have been displaced by Colorado’s various natural disasters over the years.

For example, during the Poudre Canyon flood and other state flooding last summer, 4 Paws emptied their pantries four times, yielding between 20,000 and 30,000 pounds of food.

“It’s important for us to be able to help our community and everyone who comes,” said Joe Rocha, 4 Paws volunteer. “We want to help them. We want to make sure their animals are fed and people are taken care of. “

The pantry is entirely voluntary and is open six days a week. If you would like to get involved with 4 Paws Pet Pantry, you can sign up to volunteer at their website or in person, located at 328 S. Link Lane.

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