Dove Creek Equine Rescue asks for help due to severe drought conditions

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Dove Creek Equine Rescue is asking for help due to severe drought conditions.

A press release says the “When in Drought” campaign is raising emergency funds to help cover hay and feed costs.

The 2022 US Drought Monitor shows parts of the Texas Panhandle and West Texas are experiencing exceptional drought conditions due to water in reservoirs, streams and wells, and widespread crop and pasture losses .

The rescue has 30 horses during this time because less rainfall means less grass to graze on pasture.

“With less pasture to graze, we are experiencing higher feed and hay costs this year. Limited hay sources and higher prices have forced us to find other ways to feed,” said Laurie Higgins-Kerley, general manager of Dove Creek.

With the campaign, the rescue hopes to raise $20,000 in 10 weeks to offset the rising cost of hay. The campaign runs from June 8 to August 17.

Higgins-Kerley said this is a crisis facing the rescue.

“Over the decade-long history of the rescue, horses have been able to graze on the ranch’s rich pastures from April through October, which is why we were able to operate with reduced hay costs during those months,” said Higgins-Kerley. . “Our herd of rescued horses have 500 acres to graze, but without rain it goes away. This is the first year I remember them not being able to graze and get food due to lack of rain. . »

Director of Rescue Operations and Volunteer Coordinator Ali McEwen explained the impact on the rescue.

“In order to maintain a healthy diet for the herd, we had to buy hay all of May and were forced to buy enough to get us through June as well,” McEwen said. “This is an additional cost of $9,700 to our food budget, an increase of 73%. We invite interested donors to consider a donation of $26 or more to help us feed the herd throughout the summer. A donation of $26 will buy two square bales, enough to feed 4 horses for a day. A donation of $135 will buy a 1,000 pound round bale, which feeds our entire herd of thirty people for two days.

Donations can be made here.

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