El Monte Approves Guaranteed Income Pilot Program – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

El Monte joins the City and County of Los Angeles in introducing a Guaranteed Income pilot program, which will provide $500 per month to 125 eligible participants for one year, city officials announced today.

On Tuesday evening, the El Monte City Council approved a contract with RAND Corporation to administer the program, which will be funded by federal American Rescue Plan Act funds that were approved in December 2021.

“This is one of the most direct ways to deploy ARPA funds to the most vulnerable residents of our El Monte community,” said City Manager Alma Martinez. “We are proud to partner with RAND, one of the most respected research organizations that will administer and evaluate the pilot program.

“We look forward to joining other cities across the United States who are using their valuable resources to strive to make a difference in their communities by exploring new models of direct support for those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.” , added Martinez.

Eligible participants must be female heads of household (no spouse present) and El Monte residents with children under 18 who have been affected by COVID-19 with a verified household income at or below the threshold of poverty based on US Department of Trade Thresholds.

Officials plan to launch program outreach and enrollment in May.

The Los Angeles County pilot program will give 1,000 randomly selected residents $1,000 a month for three years. Participants must be at least 18 years old, have a family income of less than $56,000 for a single person or $96,000 for a family of four, and have experienced negative impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic .

The county will begin accepting applications on March 31.

The city of Los Angeles also launched a guaranteed basic income program last year.

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