FAWNA Holds Pelican Training For Wildlife Volunteers | Manning River Hours

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After a forced COVID disruption of FAWNA’s training program, 19 FAWNA volunteers gathered in Tuncurry on Wednesday, October 27 for a day of learning about water, sea and shorebirds in hands-on and theory sessions . The trainees came from Green Point up the coast to Port Macquarie. “We are so lucky that Cathy Gilmore from Australian Seabird Rescue on the Central Coast is coming to the FAWNA area to show our volunteers the proven methods of catching birds in trouble. We were called to 39 pelicans in the last one. financial report year, “said Wendy Bawn, southern seabirds coordinator for the area’s wildlife rescue group, FAWNA, said they regularly tangle or ingest marine debris and discarded fishing gear. present real difficulties if they are still able to swim and fly, making rescue and treatment extremely difficult for wildlife volunteers. Ingestion or entrapment by fishing lines and hooks will usually result in slow and painful death if not rescued and treated. The novice rescue team has been hosted at Big4 Great Lakes Park in Tuncurry. Thanks to the good people of the wholesalers in Monin de Tuncurry seafood, the trainee rescuers were able to attempt to bring the pelicans closer with frames of donated fish. During training, FAWNA Rescue Hotline 6581 4141 reported that a group of people were interfering with and filming the beloved Pelicans of Tuncurry – FAWNA says they are delighted the community wildlife watch system is working! FAWNA had signs indicating that the formation was in place, but perhaps they weren’t visible from a distance. Kym Kilpatrick, a local FAWNA volunteer, said thanking the trainer: “Cathy is extremely knowledgeable and inspiring and we came away with a lot more confidence in our ability to perform the should-need rescue of these incredibly intelligent birds. If you see a pelican or other wildlife in distress, call FAWNA’s 24-hour help line at 6581 4141. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content: Did you know? Manning River Times online subscribers not only have 24/7 access to local and national news, sports, news and entertainment, but they also have access to our print editions in digital format, with all the advertisements and classifieds at your fingertips.


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