Firefighters learn the ropes of training exercise | Local News

A multi-agency ropes exercise took place Monday evening at the Greeneville Fire Department training center.

Exercise participants included members of the Greeneville Fire Department, Tusculum Volunteer Fire Department, Greeneville Emergency and Rescue Squad, Debusk Volunteer Fire Department, Service Midway Fire Department, City of Mosheim Fire Department and Sunnyside Volunteer Fire Department.

Two skill stations were set up, “with an above-shore demonstration and a booster station,” said Marty Shelton, Tusculum fire chief and administrative chief of the Greeneville fire department.

Participants worked on different connections, knots, and lowering and raising systems of a lift and lower basket on sloping banks, to recreate calls often seen in Greene County.

The training exercise lasted several hours and was well received by the firefighters.

“I felt the interest was there to do a day-long training in the future with skill stations to show various aspects of rope rescue in basic setups to responders from other departments,” Shelton said. .

Shelton advocates combined training by fire departments.

“This has allowed multiple departments to come together, both career and volunteer, to network,” he said.

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