Fox ‘fights for his life’ as animal rescue team issues antifreeze warning

A fox is currently fighting for his life after being suspected of unintentional antifreeze poisoning.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue came to the aid of the animal following a report from a head of household in Ashby-cum-Fenby.

The rescue service said they knew something was wrong when they received reports that the fox was circling.

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And when Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue arrived, the fox had collapsed in the occupant’s garden.

The rescue service is receiving more and more phone calls about foxes per minute.

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There was a similar incident in the Great Coates in 2020 when a dead fox was reportedly poisoned along with six other family members

They say chemicals like antifreeze are used on vehicles and excess chemicals dripping onto the ground affect water sources for animals, leading to poisonings like this.

For staff safety, the fox had to be muzzled due to the risk of bite.

The fox is now in the intensive care unit.

A spokesperson for Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said: “This time of year always sees an increase in poison / toxin calls, this is often worse on cold, frosty nights and affects both wildlife and pets. (more often cats).

“This is due to the use of chemicals such as antifreeze on vehicles and the excess chemicals drip on the ground, which in turn affects water sources for the animals.

“While there are cruel people out there, more often than not these calls are unintentional and are simply due to unsafe chemicals used on the vehicles.

“Our advice to those who buy these chemicals would be to look on the label, if it shows an ‘harmful to the environment’ symbol, look for an animal-friendly alternative antifreeze.

“Any animal suspected of coming into contact with antifreeze, especially if ingested, should see a veterinarian immediately.”

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