Golden girl Betty White leaves behind a legacy to help keep animals alive | Bendigo Advertiser

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She dedicated her life to animals while she was alive, and now the legacy of golden girl Betty White is helping to keep kittens safe in Australia. A cat rescue group in the NSW area is appealing for donations in honor of the actress as what would have been her 100th birthday rolls around on Sunday. Robyn Macari, volunteer and coordinator of Tamworth’s Brighter Future Cat Rescue, said the fundraiser would give them the opportunity to receive much-needed support while honoring a global icon. “Betty White was a fan of animals and a beloved personality for many of us,” she said. “We accept donations any day of the week, but this was just something to give to Betty White.” With the mission statement “every life matters,” donations received on Jan. 17, White’s birthday, will be used to purchase food and bedding to ease the financial pressure on volunteer foster families. “Some foster families just can’t afford it, they have the time, but they physically can’t afford to buy food and litter for extra cats and kittens,” he said. she declared. “It’s just ridiculous how much food we eat to support these babies.” For families looking for new furry friends, Brighter Future adoption prices are set at $250, but Macari said grooming cats for adoption can often cost thousands of dollars. “Adoption fees only cover veterinary work,” she said. “If they’re sick or injured…the adoption costs don’t come close.” Ms Macari hopes more people will get on board and said the group also aims to give back to the community by offering a discounted microchip to keep all animals safe. “Instead of doing it at the vets for $30, they can pay $10 and hopefully that will help identify more animals in our community,” she said. With seven foster homes located around Tamworth, Ms Macari said while they would like more volunteers, that would mean more resources, which requires more money, which donations could help fund. “We could definitely do a lot more,” she said. Whether you’re a cat lover looking to adopt or a fan of Betty White, Ms Macari urged anyone with spare change to spare to help out. “They need us,” she said. “They just make you laugh and make you smile.”


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