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Selected libraries in Columbia County share nearly $ 46,000 in new federal funding.

In March, the State Library of Oregon received nearly $ 3 million from the US Federal Rescue Plan Act 2021 (ARPA).

These funds were donated to the State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to help libraries, museums and related nonprofits in Oregon promote inclusion. and digital connectivity, to meet the needs arising from the pandemic and, in general, to support efforts to provide equitable services. community service.

The State Library announces that it distributes more than $ 2.1 million of ARPA funds in the form of competitive grants to local organizations. Grants are distributed to 61 institutions which serve almost all regions of the state.

The St. Helens, Scapoose, Rainier and Vernonia public libraries will share nearly $ 46,000 in federal grants.

The projects include efforts to improve connectivity and accessibility to the Internet; expand access and education to digital resources and tools; reach out and better serve under-represented communities; promote workforce development; and meet the needs arising from the pandemic.

Columbia County Public Libraries receive a portion of state grants.

The St. Helens Public Library will receive a grant of $ 5,390 to update the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) library equipment, purchase software to facilitate conferences, webinars and online meetings and to equip the library courtyard for outdoor programming.

Scapoose Public Library will receive a grant of $ 15,400 to create an outdoor space for community members to charge their devices and use the Wi-Fi after hours, as well as for resources, activities and sensitization of underserved communities.

Rainier Public Library will receive a grant of $ 9,698 to increase Internet access in the community through an access point loan program, to provide public access laptops at outreach locations and to establish a lending library at a local senior’s apartment complex.

Vernonia Public Library will receive a grant of $ 15,175.60 to upgrade public computers and Wi-Fi to meet community needs and to purchase technology to facilitate presentations, webinars and meetings community. The grant will also be used to increase public awareness of the services by purchasing a tablet to educate customers about downloadable materials.

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