Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs Listens to Marion County Regarding the American Rescue Plan Act

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Minority Affairs Office Herbert Henderson hosted one of their statewide listening tours on Thursday night at the Falcon Center at Fairmont State University.

The Listening tour launched in August to hear what communities need and how the state’s American Rescue Plan Act allowance can help. At each stop, the Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs team meets with local community leaders, followed by a public forum where all community members are invited to receive information and share their ideas.

“One of the programs I’m currently working on is health care specifically in the African American community. And so, we need some facilities that are easily accessible, as well as those that cater specifically to the community, ”said Tiffany Walker Samuels, a resident of Fairmont.

Topics for discussion are: challenges related to the pandemic, targeting the most important needs, impact, sustainability and pooling of resources.

“In addition, we also need some facilities for young people. This has always been a sore spot or a missing point in Marion County, it is the recreational activities for our young people, ”said Samuels. “I think number one on the list is the youth, our future is the most important, and it depends on our young people, our children, and we need a place for them to grow up academically,” educational, sports and recreational. . “

The Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs will be making stops in all 55 counties across the state to continue the discussion on how the American Rescue Plan Act allowance can help minorities. Next stop is in Preston County at the Craig Civic Center in Kingwood on October 20 at 6:30 p.m.

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