Hospital District Cancels Contract with Quinlan Volunteer Fire Department | Local News

The Quinlan Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) lost its contract this week to provide first responder services for the Hunt Memorial Hospital district.

The hospital district said Tuesday that the Hunt County Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board (EMSAB) recommended that funding for the department be canceled due to performance issues. The Quinlan VFD has been notified of the change, which took effect on Monday.

the Herald-Banner made numerous attempts this week to contact the department, but all messages had been answered by Friday afternoon.

The hospital district said in September 2021, EMSAB and the Hunt County Fire Association, working jointly, reviewed Quinlan’s VFD response rate and gave firefighters 90 days to show improvement.

The department was reassessed on January 1 and granted an additional 90-day assessment period. As of April 1, the department had not shown adequate improvement in its emergency call response rate, according to the hospital district.

The hospital district is not the only one to question the performance of the service.

The City of Quinlan canceled its contract with the department in October 2021 due to performance issues. Quinlan arranged for Cash’s volunteer fire department to cover calls within Quinlan’s city limits.

The hospital district sets aside funding each year for 14 first responder emergency medical services departments in Hunt County. Funding is based on the level of expertise of each service, such as certifications in Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Emergency Rescue, etc., in addition to call volumes.

The EMSAB Group is an oversight body made up of representatives from Hunt Regional Healthcare, American Medical Response, Hunt County Fire Association, Hunt County Emergency Management and the Greenville Fire Department.

The Hunt County Firefighters Association is made up of the 14 chiefs of each of the first responder emergency medical services departments, as well as Air Evac and Hunt County emergency medical services.

EMSAB and the Hunt County Fire Association have made arrangements with Cash, Union Valley, Tawakoni South and Tawakoni First Responder Emergency Medical Services Departments to support calls previously covered by Quinlan’s VFD outside of the Quinlan city limits.

The Quinlan VFW is apparently also on a leash with the Hunt County Commissioners Court, which awarded the department a new contract in late January after improving its response rate. However, County Judge Bobbie Stovall said at the time that Quinlan VFD still had to meet certain conditions.

“We added red line elements,” Stovall said in January. Additionally, he said the new deal with Quinlan VFD would cover six months rather than the one-year contracts given to other county departments.

Commissioners are expected to review the department’s performance at their April 28 meeting.

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