Injured hunter rescued by rescuers in Belington

BELINGTON, W.Va. – A Barbour County hunter was rescued Tuesday by emergency services in Belington and surrounding communities and airlifted to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown for treatment, according to a report. posting on Facebook.

The Belington Vol. The fire department revealed in a Facebook post that on Tuesday evening, the service’s Station 3 conducted a search and rescue on the outskirts of Belington, near Dunham Cut Road, where community members said they heard calls for help. The ministry determined that calls for help had been heard from the woods near the search location.

The assistance of the volunteer firefighters Junior, Philippi and Coalton intervened side by side and with staff. Station firefighters traveled more than a mile of remote, densely forested trails before finding the source of the calls.

A hunter fell more than 20 feet from his tree and was seriously injured, officials said. The Facebook post reported that paramedics from Belington Fire Station 3 and Belington EMS provided life-saving emergency medical care to the patient while other departments brought in supplies using side-by-side.

Once the patient was stabilized, first responders transported him side by side to a landing zone, from there a HealthNet helicopter transported him to Ruby Memorial Hospital.

“This incident could have had a darker outcome if it had not been for the quick-wittedness of members of the community,” the Facebook post said.

The hunter remained in surgery until after 10 p.m. Wednesday, according to the post. No further updates are available at this time.

Belington VFD recognized members of the Belington EMS, Junior Volunteer Fire Department, Philippi Volunteer Fire Department, Coalton Volunteer Fire Department, Barbour 911, Barbour County Sheriff’s Department, West Virginia State Police, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, HealthNet and the community of Belington to assist with the rescue.

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