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Michael Comeau of Berkshire Mountain Rescue gets behind the wheel on Wednesday of the Volunteer Rescue Group’s new UTV with members of the Lenco armored vehicle. Lenco donated the vehicle and a trailer to the rescue group.
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The rear of the vehicle is designed to accommodate a stretcher with room for a nurse to sit next to the patient.

Lenco vice president Lenny Light, left, BMSAR president Michael Comeau and Lenco design engineer Brian Sears, a BMSAR volunteer.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. – Lenco Armored Vehicles donated a $ 20,000 Field Rescue Utility Vehicle to the Berkshire Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Team after reading their fundraising efforts on iBerkshires.com.

Team President Michael Comeau said the Polaris UTV will be a game-changer for BMSAR as it will dramatically increase the efficiency and response time to pull a person out of a wooded or mountainous terrain and put them safe.

“The whole team is saying the same thing:” It will increase our capacity so much to reach someone, to bring the equipment on the stages, to get a patient out of the woods or wherever he is in danger, “he said. declared.

“And so the members were really happy to have this.”

The four-wheel-drive vehicle has two rows of seats to accommodate team members and a rear insert that secures a stretcher with a seat for a medic next to it. It also has a light bar for increased visibility and a hook at the front of the vehicle for towing in rough terrain.

Lenco vice president Lenny Light said the donation was meant to be.

Comeau spoke to iBerkshires in June about the organization’s business to raise $ 14,000 for a field rescue utility vehicle that is vital to their operations.

On the day the story was published, several Lenco employees had pitched the idea of ​​donating to BMSAR.

“[Justin Burdick] who’s our marketing manager saw this post, sent it to me and said, “hey, we should consider supporting these guys, they’re doing search and rescue, we’re doing search and rescue gear “I said” okay, maybe I said let’s just stay focused on what we’re working on and we’ll think about it internally, “Light said.

“And then about 30 minutes later I get a text from my mom, who’s one of our owners, and our CFO and she said, ‘Hey, Tammy’, who’s my working sister. also here, “Tammy sent me this item and said we should buy this thing, what do you guys think? ‘ And so it was all of us family members who were working here and everyone was like ‘Yes, we should do this.’ “

Light added that it worked perfectly because the team supports the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office, as Lenco does, and one of the company’s design engineers, Brian Sears, is a BMSAR volunteer.

He said the company took this for granted.

Light called Comeau and said they would be happy to lead the fundraising efforts to a “quick conclusion” and provide the team with what they need. Lenco included a trailer and a few other details on the vehicle which amounted to $ 20,000.

Comeau could not have been more grateful. He said he almost fell when he heard the news.

Because the team did not have their own UTV before, members relied on equipment from the sheriff’s office.

The team is made up of volunteers, including firefighters, emergency medical technicians, outdoor men and women, and active and retired law enforcement. It is one of only two volunteer search and rescue teams in the state attached to the state police special response team.

Having been involved in fundraising before, Light said he knew how long it usually took to raise $ 20,000 and was glad his company was able to help BMSAR.

“It’s going to be a real difference maker for them,” he added.

Light said Lenco values ​​charity and that it is a plus to support a local group that uses the types of products they offer and relies on equipment for their work.

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