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Although it is informal, representing only those who take it, I am disappointed with the results of the May 11 PDN Readers’ Poll: “Have you ever considered adopting or serving as a foster parent for corporate relief workers from Clallam or Jefferson counties?”

From 538 people; 65.56% said no, 19.21% said yes to adoption, 6.62% said yes to foster care and 8.61% said yes to both.

It is disappointing and cannot represent our region.

There is no good reason not to adopt from a shelter/rescue.

By adopting, you save the life of the animal you are adopting and another life by making room for other rescues.

Buying pets from backyard breeders who raise animals for profit, or getting your pet from someone whose animal has had babies, encourages irresponsibility.

Your action has consequences for pets brought into a world with too many unwanted and abandoned pets.

Adoption is cost effective, including sterilization, injections and veterinary examination.

Adoption fees help the shelter/shelter be able to offer programs such as spaying/neutering assistance at a low cost.

The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society is desperate for adoptions and foster homes.

Peninsula Friends of Animals, Center Valley Animal Rescue, Jefferson Humane Society and Spay to Save also need help. Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Make a donation.

There’s no better feeling than helping an animal in need.

Please help them. They depend on us.

There’s no better feeling than helping an animal in need.

Linda Dennis


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