Livermore Bankhead Theater receives $ 1.28 million | New

Livermore Arts has been named the recipient of the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) and its Additional Grant Award in Support of the Bankhead Theater for a total of $ 1.285 million.

“This is a watershed moment for Livermore Arts and will help secure the future of our long-term sustainability,” said Chris Carter, who was appointed executive director just before the pandemic closed in 2020.

When Bankhead closed in March 2020, the organization was forced to downsize by 80% and the remaining staff suffered a 40% pay cut. The 2021 US bailout package promulgated by President Biden in March provided for $ 1.25 billion in COVID relief for SVOG, and the amount of the reward is roughly equal to 45% of a site’s earned revenue in the year leading up to the COVID pandemic shutdown.

SVOG has been strongly supported by the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), of which Livermore Arts is a member. The organization applied for the grant through the Small Business Administration and received $ 857,060, including $ 327,500 of the total from the Paycheck Protection (P3) Loan With Rebate Program.

The grant was approved in August and arrived in September. Then an additional second round of funding became available, Livermore Arts re-applied and received an additional $ 428,520 for a total of $ 1,285,580.

These grants have helped Livermore Arts reschedule more than 60 performances and artists that were canceled due to the pandemic; the artists of the book for the 2022-23 season; and cover lost earned income from March 2020 to present.

Denise Watkins, a Pleasanton resident who recently chaired the board of directors of the UC Merced Foundation, is the new chair of the board of directors of Livermore Arts.

“I am proud to lead the organization with Executive Director Chris Carter at such a crucial time,” said Watkins. “The past 18 months have been some of the most difficult of our lives and the return to live performances on stable ground has helped us all.”

The SVOG and its additional grant also enables other minor infrastructure changes, such as upgrading computers and software, fully funding the new Bankhead Theater audio system, and the crucial upgrade to the filtration system. from Bankhead to use Merv-13 filters, along with other essential PPE for employees and patrons as Livermore Arts returns to live performances.

On average, Livermore Arts collects around $ 1.8 million in contributions annually and exceeded that of the first quarter of this year. In addition, there is a record 950 members in its customer base.

Livermore Arts charitable donors have been remarkably generous throughout the closure and the staff at Livermore Arts are extremely grateful to them, management said. A number of large donations have been received over the past 18 months, including an estate donation valued at $ 670,000, and this year’s annual fundraising gala, Brilliance at the Bankhead, has to raise $ 475,000.

The grants will also be used to support staff and operations, as well as performances, programs at the Bankhead Theater and Bothwell Arts Center, as well as the organization’s extensive educational and cultural activities.

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