LPC creates medical fund in honor of longtime Landerite, animal lover

(Lander, WY) – The Lander Pet Connection (LPC) honors one of the largest donations in its history by creating a dedicated medical fund in honor of Claudia Pearson, who passed away last November. Claudia has donated a substantial portion of her retirement fund to animal rescue and the impact on the lives of the animals has been profound.

“We had a historic summer and in just three months we were able to help 132 animals,” said Marta Casey, Executive Director. “In the past, Pet Connection housed 200 to 300 animals per year. This year, thanks to Claudia’s gift, we can save many more lives. We want to honor its impact and establish a special fund for gifts that will be used specifically to help medical cases. “

One of the first cases the Claudia Fund helped was Hot Toddy, a husky puppy with special needs. Woman called LPC for help when a stray dog ​​had puppies on her porch – she fed the bitch and observed the puppies and noticed one of them was collapsing and not walking .

With help from the Claudia Fund, Pet Connection immediately took Hot Toddy to a vet for testing. He was put on steroids and a member of staff checked him in, and now Hot Toddy is sitting and walking using a sling.

“Hot Toddy’s only option in the past would have been to be transported to another facility,” Casey said. “Now Pet Connection is able to save lives for the animals most in need; it’s a sacred part of our job, and we’re so happy to honor Claudia’s life in this way.

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Claudia herself had horses and dogs – she also adopted barn cats from Pet Connection. Her longtime friend Maryann Pryor said Claudia initially thought about donating her retirement funds to an international organization, but then realized that the local impact would be much deeper.

“She was very excited about this gift and wanted to give where her money would make the biggest difference,” said Pryor. “She had always been an animal lover. “

Gifts in honor of loved ones or to help with medical cases through the Claudia Fund can be given online at landerpets.org/memorials or by check with a note specifying the donation.

“We are now a destination refuge for adopters and a lifesaving lifesaving with growing reach,” said Casey. “We’re building a hub in southwestern Wyoming – when people think of Lander, it’s not going to be transporting animals to help them but saving their lives here – we’re even helping other shelters. The Claudia Fund will help us catalyze this change. The saving impact of his donation was immediate.

About Lander Pet Connection:

Established by Sydney Miller in 1996, the Lander Pet Connection serves the greater Fremont County area, reuniting lost animals with their owners, rescuing injured and abandoned animals, and finding innovative ways to support animals and people. As an independent non-profit organization, LPC relies on the incredible support of the community to continue its mission. To learn more about Lander Pet Connection, visit landerpets.org and follow LPC on facebook.com/LanderPetConnection and on Instagram: @landerpetconnection.

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