Mangaluru: White Doves, zoophile Usha Suvarna come to the rescue of Cyril

Abhijith N. Kolpe

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru

Mangaluru, July 10: White Doves’ Corrine Rasquniha and animal lover Usha Suvarna have come to the rescue of Cyril D Souza who has been staying in a dilapidated tent house in Bikarnakatte-Maroli for several years.

It was animal lover Usha Suvarna who noticed the condition of Cyril D’Souza who was living with two pets who did not have adequate shelter.

Usha Suvarna also assured to help Cyril and the two pets to set up a new shelter. She set up a new shelter for the two pets, which was set up next to her house. Usha Suvarna showed kindness to the animal and she also assured to help Cyril fix his house in about a day, while many of them showed interest in helping Cyril through Usha.

Cyril D’Souza with Corrine Rasquniha and Jerald of White Doves

Zoophilist Usha Suvarna

Cyril D’Souza

Usha Suvarna had posted on social media regarding Cyril D’Souza’s whereabouts and then Daijiworld pointed out the same. Noticing him, Corrine Rasquinha, founder of White Doves, and Jerald visited Cyril’s house.

Corrine Rasquinha also spoke by telephone with Cyril’s daughter who seemed to be in a helpless situation because she is married and pregnant. Corrine Rasquniha promised to help him and convinced him to come to White Doves and live a dignified life. Corrine has also offered him a job as a caretaker so he can pay off his debt, while food and accommodation will be arranged by White Doves.

Corrine Rasquinha gave Cyril time to reflect and make the right decision.

White Doves founder Corrine Rasquinha said: “I thank Daijiworld for bringing Cyril’s plight to light. Cyril’s state of residence is pathetic, but he has business like ships and has a bit of freedom here. It was therefore difficult to convince him to leave this place. But, we are ready to take care of him and give him a good life and the job of a caretaker so that he can pay his debt. I gave him time to think about it. At the same time, I asked him to continue to come to White Doves every day at least for a bath, dinner and a hot meal so that we could keep in touch every day. I wish to continue to visit his house and see his condition until he makes a decision.

I feel like every time he can be kicked out of this place and building a house is not his land because the government hasn’t guaranteed him that land. He needs to be rehabilitated, I think if he comes to White Doves he will have a dignified life and I will probably give him a job as a caretaker, where we will pay him a salary. Then even his wife and children will see that he leads a dignified life, that he works with decent housing and that his family can be reunited. It’s up to Cyril to make the right decision. We all come together to do everything we can for Cyril,” said Corrine Rasquinha.

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