Max Scherzer and Erica Scherzer will cover the cost of adopting your big dog

The Scherzers and their rescue dogs at the Humane Rescue Alliance adoption center. Photo courtesy of Humane Rescue Alliance.

Max Scherzer and Erica Scherzer will once again cover adoption costs at the Humane Rescue Alliance, this time for puppies over 30 pounds. The couple will pay adoption fees until Friday, June 10.

Although Max Scherzer left the Nationals two seasons ago for the Los Angeles Dodgers and has since moved to the New York Mets, Erica Scherzer is still a board member of the Humane Rescue Alliance. Last August the couple covered adoption costs for a week and in 2017 they helped make room for the animals who had been displaced in the region after Hurricane Harvey.

Ollie the beagle is available.

The Scherzers’ donation comes at a time when pet adoptions have slowed significantly after three years of the coronavirus pandemic, and many shelters are understaffed, according to a study from the Best Friends Animal Society. In January, the organization reported that 60,000 more dogs were available for adoption than last year.

The Humane Rescue Alliance has about 50 dogs available for adoption, according to a spokesperson. The adoption center is located at 71 Oglethorpe St., North West, and is open for in-person adoption visits from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and all in-person visits are limited to two people per housework.

Adopters can view available pets and find more information about the Humane Rescue Alliance. website.

Maggie Hicks

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