Mayor and village director congratulate staff on rescue efforts and pledge to look for ways to prevent future flooding

Mayor and village director congratulate staff on rescue efforts and pledge to look for ways to prevent future flooding

Oxford Road after Tropical Storm IdaAt the Scarsdale Village Council meeting 9-14, the Mayor and Village Superintendent congratulated the Scarsdale Police and Fire Department, the Department of Public Works and the Scarsdale Village Ambulance Corps for their work heroic during Tropical Storm Ida. First responders rescued drivers of flooded cars, cleared streets of trees and debris, redirected traffic, and assisted residents in the event of a flood.

The mayor said: “We want to recognize and honor the unwavering dedication of all of these people, especially during these many days of Ida’s anger and recovery. It didn’t go unnoticed how our first responders were there to get us out of harm’s way and how hard our DPW staff worked to clear the debris, even on a weekend Saturday. holiday. She said: “The residents’ losses are heartbreaking. Staff will analyze and look for opportunities to improve and mitigate future storm impacts. “

Village director Rob Cole appreciated that many lost memories and photos were kept in their basements. He said: “Ida was a storm 200 to 1000 years old. But there was a storm of the same magnitude in 2007. We need to be better prepared to deal with these storms. Staff will come together as a group – including public works, engineering and planning to look for ways to reduce stormwater runoff and infrastructure needs to help in the future. “

Of the village’s current stormwater management infrastructure, he said, “George Field Park was invaded – it was flooded beyond the park – but the retention pond had a huge impact. Cooper Green is designed and intended to absorb large amounts of water in a short period of time. What else can we do beyond repairs? What are the best practices ? We’ll take a look at our stormwater management rules to see what more we can do. We will seek to build resilience in our system. We will bring this to a public session to get feedback from residents. “

Scarsdale Poolswimming pool6

The mayor announced that village staff have sent out a request for proposals to identify and address infrastructure needs at the Scarsdale polling station which has passed its useful life and is in need of reinvestment. The work will include community outreach, the development of three scenarios and a baseline assessment of pool conditions.

Village bills

Administrator Jonathan Lewis praised Village Treasurer Anne Scaglione for modernizing the invoice approval process. In the past, a police car would deliver paper invoices to a trustee house where they would be reviewed and approved manually. Now invoices can be approved online on an iPad. This new process is much more sustainable, saves tons of paper and it is much easier to access data ”

Village council meetings

The mayor said Governor Hochul had allowed governments to operate virtually, but Scarsdale village council will meet in person for as long as possible. Virtual public comments will also continue to be allowed. The village board meeting time has been postponed to 8 p.m.

Collaboration with the school board

Representatives of the village council will hold monthly meetings with representatives of the school council to work on issues of mutual concern such as traffic around schools and safety.


-The council approved a 2% salary increase for non-union village employees, on the recommendation of the village director and the village treasurer. These increases are not retroactive and will have an impact of $ 61,000 on the Village budget.

-The board has reached a settlement of $ 250,000 with the contractor for the library. The contractor, Nirim, alleges that delays in the project schedule due to late village approvals cost them $ 554,640 as they were unable to complete their work on time. After the discovery, the Village and Nirim negotiated and agreed to a settlement of $ 250,000.

-They awarded a contract for $ 32,207 for leaf vacuum parts to Lacal Equipment Inc. of Jackson Center, Ohio.

-They approved an agreement with the village of Pelham for the use of the transfer site from the village of Scarsdale to the recycling center as well as an inter-municipal agreement with the county of Westchester for the transport of organic waste.

-They approved $ 24,000 for aeration, seeding and fertilization of athletic fields by Alternative Earth Care.

-They accepted a gift of $ 1,000 from the Scarsdale Raiders Youth Football Organization for signage naming Crossway Field for Richard “Rippy” Phillips.

Public comments

Kevin lilly of 79 Huntington Avenue opposed the new leaf blower policy, saying it was “too restrictive.” He asked the board to extend the months in which use would be allowed and said battery-powered leaf blowers are not as efficient and need to be recharged. He said, “I make my own lawn. I have a long driveway and sweeping is too much. I was hoping we could expand the hours of use for gasoline leaf blowers to include Saturdays for those who like to do their own lawn – and allow use from March. Further, he said, “I think the policy of fining the landscaping company, the worker and the owner is outdated…. And to add: “I hope you do not eliminate the vacuum cleaner with leaves. “

Jane kauffmann of 98 Cushman Road opposed the proposed development at 80 Garden Road, but was told that the matter would be before the Planning Council on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 7 p.m.

She said, “We have the Sheldrake River on our property. During the storm if we had no electricity our basement would have been uninhabitable. We moved into this house 44 years ago. The water table is very high…. If we dig a hole for a plant, we find water. I just replaced all of my sump pumps and bought commercial ones.

Bob harrison of Fox Meadow Road said the new Scarsdale Middle School toilet block is 75% complete, thanked the village for building it and said they looked forward to the dedication ceremony.

Liaison relationships with trustees

Randall Whitestone congratulated the village on the 9/11 ceremony at the Scarsdale Public Safety Building. He said: “We lost 3-7 residents on that terrible day. I think it was fair and appropriate that we took the time to remember them.

Jonathan Lewis reported that school counselors met with school board colleagues and discussed areas of collaboration and institutionalization of these meeting protocols. Lawyers will recommend legal structures to facilitate collaboration.

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