Medaille College Launches $ 1.5 Million Rural Scholarship Program | Local News

Just as federal stimulus money has benefited colleges and universities, Macur said Medaille seeks “to further stimulate the economy by inviting more and more students who may not have the chance to go. ‘get a four-year degree coming to college with a reasonable amount of tuition, fees, and room and board. “

Each student accepted into the program will receive a partial scholarship.

“It’s about $ 30,000 per scholarship per student, that’s where we get $ 1.5 million, because $ 30,000 multiplied by 50 students is $ 1.5 million,” Macur said.

“So they will graduate with student debt of $ 22,000 to $ 24,000,” he added.

Official scholarship rules will require that students eligible for financial aid receive full Pell and TAP scholarships, as well as Stafford loans equivalent to the student’s cost for tuition, fees, accommodation, and board. . Macur predicts that there will be a great demand for the scholarships and that the college will fund them every year for the foreseeable future. Although like other programs and plans that come at costs for the college, it will be evaluated every year, he said.

“For the students who participate in it, it won’t go away,” Macur said.

“You are not allowed to use bait and trade, where you say, ‘Hey, here’s a scholarship and this is only for your first year,’ and then you take it off in second year. who are accepted into the program, they will have this scholarship for four years, ”he added.

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