Meet Hamlette, a pig with a goal

Sep 27, 2021

Meet Hamlette, a pig with a goal

By Lori Draz

Crystal DeCaro, Ryan Carr and Hamlette

On Saturday, October 23, thousands of volunteers will spend the morning at Clean Ocean Action’s (COA) 36th annual Fall Beach Sweeps. Volunteers are of all ages, but there is one volunteer who is truly one of a kind – Hamlette. Hamlette is a mini pig who serves as co-beach captain with her owners Crystal DeCaro and Ryan Carr. Volunteer after volunteer, shouts of joy when Hamlette greets the sweepers then goes to the beach in search of unsightly debris. DeCaro explained, “At just 4 weeks old, Hamlette already had a love for the place we call our home, the Jersey Shore. With his hooves digging into the sand and the salty air against his mohawk, we knew he was just as addicted to the beach as we were. So, we thought what better place to socialize Hamlette and do something to help protect our home than the Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweeps, whom “Mom” has been captaining for for a decade now? “

Hamlette is such an asset for the sweep. “Similar to a bulldozer plowing through trash, Hamlette uses its powerful snout to push out larger debris hidden under the sand,” DeCaro said. “On rare occasions, Hamlette even discovers a buried treasure! Hamlette also helps raise awareness of the importance of cleaning our beaches! His adorable spots, social demeanor and educational ideas cannot be overlooked! ”

Hamlette was born on January 7, 2017. This 4 year old now weighs 82 pounds and is similar in size to an English Bulldog.

When Hamlette isn’t protecting the environment, he enjoys munching on some of his favorite treats – fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes and blueberries. Then he snuggles up on the couch before going to bed with his owners, usually around 7 p.m. “When he was younger he could jump straight into bed, but now he has stairs that make it easier to get in and out of bed,” DeCaro said. “Hamlette must always touch us. It’s a big hug! Hamlette is an early riser, usually greeting the day around 5 a.m., and her first order of the day waits, a little patiently, for breakfast.

“We love having Hamlette. It’s a bit like owning a dog. Pigs are extremely intelligent and can be trained to take turns, walk on a harness / leash, go to the outside toilet or on pads. They are social animals with massive personalities!

In addition to being Beach Sweeps co-captain, Hamlette loves attending every New Jersey VegFest. He also enjoys walks in Island Beach State Park with his siblings Pitt, Aurora, and Wyatt, as well as hiking in Bushkill, Pa., Taking part in the Toms River Halloween Parade, and making new friends wherever he goes.

Hamlette shows that all kinds of animals, including humans, enjoy a clean beach, ocean and environment.

To learn more about responsible pet ownership, check out Clean Ocean Action’s 10 Tips for Dog Owners, Cat Owners and other helpful tips on the CleanOceanAction “Education Programs” page. org. You are also welcome to join Hamlette, her owners and thousands of other volunteers for the 36th Annual Clean Ocean Action Fall Beach Sweep on Saturday, October 23, 9 am to 12:30 pm To register and to learn more, visit

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