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MERRILLVILLE – City council has a concept to spend its share of the US bailout funding, but more work is planned to identify specific projects.

Trista Hudson, Merrillville’s financial advisor, said the city will receive about $ 7.8 million through the American Rescue Plan Act. So far, the city has received half of the award, and Merrillville will receive the other half next year.

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The council on Tuesday allocated $ 5.15 million of the amount it will receive in five categories. The highest amount is $ 3 million, which is earmarked for infrastructure. The council has also allocated $ 1 million for income replacement, $ 650,000 for public health, $ 400,000 for efforts to combat the negative economic impacts of the pandemic and $ 100,000 for administrative purposes.

While a general plan is in place, officials will continue to meet to determine exactly how the funding will be spent.

“We have yet to come up with guidelines for specific parts of it,” said Councilor Richard Hardaway.

Hudson said funding must be spent within four years and the spending plan may change over time.

“It’s supposed to be broad to begin with,” and the steps taken for proper funding “start the process,” she said.

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