Multi-agency search team for missing West Fargo man Daniel Olson

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — It has been more than five months since Daniel Olson, 38, of West Fargo, was last seen. A volunteer search and rescue organization teams up with several agencies in hopes of finding Olson.

Badlands Search and Rescue grants us access as volunteers with Team 3 through the woods near Cottonwood Park.

“Just look for anything, you know, that’s out of place,” said one volunteer.

West Fargo’s Daniel Olson was reported missing last October when he failed to show up for work. On November 4, Bismarck police discovered his vehicle near Cottonwood Park.

“We’ve done a bunch of searches and a bunch of investigations since then and really haven’t found anything,” said Bismarck Police Detective Sgt. Mike Bolme.

Dozens of people from the Bismarck Police Department, Minnesota’s NorthStar Rescue and friends Daniel served with in Iraq are hoping to find him.

“It’s a very bad deal and I hope we can, I hope we can get some closure here, from the family,” said Corey Moen, state commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars of the North Dakota.

GPS technology on cell phones and drones will help teams effectively track each search area.

“And as someone who’s been in law enforcement, it’s really fun to watch – to see how these professional search teams work. Anyone could come here and learn something from these guys,” Bolme said.

Bismarck police said there was no indication of foul play with Olson’s disappearance.

Travis Bateman of Badlands Search and Rescue said he plans to continue his search tomorrow morning.

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