Narooma and Bega Rescue Volunteers Help Rescue Steer from Cliff | Bay Post-Moruya Examiner

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The Narooma and Bega volunteer rescue teams had the unusual task of driving a 200-kilogram steer to safety after it fell off a cliff on Bermagui property. Just after 10:30 a.m. on Saturday July 3, the teams were called to a property off South Tilba Road. The landowners had found the ox stuck on an embankment 15 meters from the top of the cliff and eight meters from the beach below. Malcolm Barry, head of training for the Narooma Volunteer Rescue Association, said the ox must have been disoriented and fallen off the cliff in a storm on Friday night. “One of our members rappelled down the cliff to the ox and gave it hay to calm it down,” he said. “The team member was then able to slowly guide the ox to the beach below with the help of another member who gave instructions.” The rescue operation lasted an hour and the steer was returned safe to the relieved owners who watched him before he returned to the herd. “Our members are lifesaving trained and we do vertical rescues a lot, but of course that’s usually for humans,” Barry said. “The difference with an animal is that it can be very scared and we have to find a way to calm it down so it doesn’t try to run away.” Three members of the Bega Volunteer Rescue Squad were present to help the five members of Narooma. “It’s been a busy time for the team with six rescues over the past two and a half weeks, but this steer rescue was more unusual,” said Barry. “The steer was very lucky to have fallen from such a height and to stay safe overnight. The same owners lost another steer earlier in the year in a storm after suffering numerous wounds during his fall. ”


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