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Over 1,200 readers have shared reports on the damage and progress over the past few days. For seven days now, more than 13,500 customers in Nevada County (up from more than 32,000 at the height of the blackouts) have been without power. The majority have little or no heating or water. Communication lines, landlines, and cable / fiber are down, leaving many unable to reach and call 911 for emergencies or 211 for immediate needs. Propane tanks are running out, and so are woodpiles (good news on firewood, read on.)

Red dots are initial reports, blue squares are updates starting January 1, 2022.

In their own words, residents shared what is happening right now.

“Need propane to power the oxygen equipment. They went out on Christmas Day, but it’s getting really low now. in addition it is very cold in our house.”

“We are running out of firewood and the entrance to our front door is also blocked by tree branches. We’re going to work on cutting the branches today, Sunday.

“Our road called Bear TRAP Springs Road is very snowy and we cannot go out to get food.”

“Stuck on day 7 without power with an 84 year old grandmother who is in a wheelchair.”

“Complete for my older sister. No cell. She is challenged by technology. Power lines down. Electrical box and pipes on the house torn off by fallen lines. 100 trees felled, fences felled. ATT fixed down (on the local telephone service only). No way to call 911 or 211 since the first day of the storm. PGE said Jan. 10 for power. The electrician cannot come until the route and road are cleared of snow and have indicated 6 to 8 weeks to assess the damage.

“Outage for a week in the seniors’ quarter. Isolated group of 42 houses on Butterfly Dive and Mayflower off Banner Lava Cap.

“Two people over 80 live in this house. Everything is electric, they have no heating, cannot cook hot food. Over 50 degrees in the house, these people need electricity… ..STAT !!

“No electricity, short of propane, left our house Thursday due to freezing cold, staying at a friend’s house in LWW!” My husband is 91 years old and I am 81 “

“We don’t have a heat source and it’s been 44 in our house for 6 days now.”

“In Forest Springs Mobile Home Park, which is a senior citizen park. On day 7 without electricity. Very difficult and difficult for the elderly. Much without heat. Neighbors helping the neighbors because we did not hear anything from the management of the park. Firefighters / ambulances have been called to our park at least 6 times.
PGE forgot us ?! ”

As always, the neighbors help the neighbors.

“I’m going to her house right away to fill a bunch of 5 gallon jugs with Bitney Springs water to bring her right away before the mob hits Bitney Springs.”

“The neighbors on our street have done an incredible job keeping our street clear of snow and looking after trees in the road or tangled in power lines.”

Thanks to the firefighters for clearing the trees and debris from the power line yesterday. Everyone on the street was able to get out in their cars to stock up and get to work for the first time in days. Thank you to everyone who is connecting resources, looking after phones, checking out people in need, and providing food and shelter. “

“My neighbors and I here at Shady Glen Mobile Home Park really help each other. I shoveled a lot of snow so that people even took off a vehicle so that the gentleman could get his medicine. The young man who works for the park has worked very hard going door to door to check on residents. “

“We tied the power lines out of the way so that the road could be passable. Three families with young children were trapped – (going over 6 days) so…. Now we can go through the power lines and get food, water, gas, whatever we need to be safe. The road is a quarter of a mile long and we only have one shovel. The top has been plowed so I think I have about a tenth of a mile left to shovel.

Damage from felled trees and broken poles in some areas like Alta Sierra is described as “a war zone” or “like a hurricane has passed through”. PG&E has 30 crews and 3 helicopters working to assess and restore power today, with an additional 15 crew arriving tomorrow.

County task force teams, made up of Public Works, Search and Rescue, PG&E, CAL FIRE, and AT&T, were able to verify most of the residents. All county roads are now open, while there are still trees in several places, the roads are passable. Private roads are cleared by contractors hired by the county. Yesterday they focused this effort on areas from Banner to You Bet where private roads were still blocked and residents needed access. Areas off You Bet, Greenhorn, Idaho-Maryland have been completed.

Starting today, residents can collect free firewood at the following locations:

  • Eric Rood Center: 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City
  • First Baptist Church (night shelter): 1866 Ridge Rd, Grass Valley
  • North San Juan Fire Station 3: 13200 Tyler Foote Rd, Nevada City
  • Peardale Chicago Park Fire Station 57: 18934 Colfax Hwy, Gras Valley
  • Cascade Shores: Next to the general store at 16552 Pasquale Rd, Nevada City
  • Banner Mountain: Location to be determined
  • Washington City Fire Station: 15406 Washington Rd, Washington
  • Alta Sierra Fire Station 89: 11833 Tammy Way, Grass Valley

Perishable food disposal sites:

  • Eric Rood Administration Center – 950 Maidu Avenue, Nevada City (behind the prison)
  • Nevada County Operations Center – 12350 La Barr Meadows, Grass Valley
  • Parc Condon – 544, rue Butler, Grass Valley
  • DeVere Mautino Park – 10609 Alta Street, Grass Valley

Night shelters

First Baptist Church
1866 Ridge Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945
Supported by the Red Cross

Open Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Service animals allowed. Pets are not allowed.

Understand :

  • Heat
  • Power and charging stations
  • Food
  • Showers

Please call 211 1-833-DIAL211 for more transportation information.

Nevada City Veterans Hall (lower level)
415 North Pine Street, Nevada City, CA 95959
Supported by Sierra Roots

Open until Tuesday morning.

Understand :

  • Heat
  • Power and charging stations
  • Food
  • Beds and blankets

Please call 211 1-833-DIAL211 for more transportation information.

Daytime warming centers (PG&E Community Resource Center)

Madelyn Helling Library
980 Helling Way, Nevada City, California 95959
Supported by PG&E

Open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Understand :

  • Heat
  • Power and charging stations
  • Snacks, water and ice
  • Beds and blankets
  • Wireless

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