New dog shelter opens in Hawkins to tackle stray animal problem |

HAWKINS, Texas (KETK) – Canine Rescue 75765 is a new dog shelter that has opened in Hawkins and is ready to save furry friends.

“There is nothing worse than running into little puppies or a dog and you know their owner just threw them out,” said Sandra McCartney, president of Canine Rescue 75765.

McCartney said they were determined to help stray dogs in the Hawkins area. It’s a growing problem not only there, but in East Texas.

“In a week, you could hear about five to ten dogs being thrown and sometimes a pregnant mom and a litter of puppies,” McCartney explained.

The group had planned to open this establishment in July and quickly saw it materialize.

“It’s very gratifying to see a dog you know come off the streets looking for their forever home,” said Kimberly Pollock, Vice President of Canine Rescue 75765.

At the shelter there are six full-time volunteers, but the rescue is always looking for more animal lovers to help.

“Fundamentally, our success will depend on community support, private donations and contributions from people willing to help us feed and water the dogs,” McCartney said. “You can only own a certain number of dogs yourself, so it’s very satisfying to know that we can somehow help improve this situation here.”

Their goal is to get each stray dog ​​adopted and put them in a loving home.

“If people are overwhelmed or can’t afford a litter of puppies. And, they didn’t take them to be spayed and neutered for some reason, they feel like they can just go down a dead end road by the lake and they just put a box of puppies there.

If anyone is interested in joining Canine Rescue 75765, they can contact the Director of Volunteer Services, Barb Casburn at (903) 352-7985.

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