North Cork search and rescue divers travel to Wexford to help search for missing people

Specialized divers from Mallow Search and Rescue in North Cork traveled to Wexford to participate in a difficult search and rescue mission in New Ross.

At 6.30am yesterday morning, the team, which traveled across Ireland to assist with the search for missing persons, were invited by a local person in New Ross to come and assist the efforts of civil protection staff and local volunteer groups. who were undertaking a search in the River Barrow.

The search began in New Ross after the missing persons car was found near the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge area in New Ross yesterday

Two Mallow teams, including divers, visited New Ross yesterday, but after a long day of research they had “nothing positive to report.”

Volunteer John Wousle says the team’s divers will return to Wexford tomorrow to help with ongoing efforts to locate the missing person in the river, with some taking time off.

“No matter where we get the call from, if someone says they need our help, we will go all the way to the North to help them because time is running out in these cases, and more. people and expertise involved in looking for it better, ”John said.

The man from Cork has been involved with the search and rescue team since its inception in 1983, and he says many of its original members are still part of the group and making calls.

“We have to wait for the tide to come up or down completely, so the search will resume tomorrow around three in the afternoon,” he said.

“We are using sonar imagery to look at the river bed and find the places our divers should be focusing on, in the hopes of being able to locate the missing person,” he added.

John says the team takes their job very seriously and finding the person always means a lot to family and friends in these cases.

“We are doing our best in every case in Cork and beyond, finding the missing person means a lot to their loved ones, and I hope we can do that in this case with the help of the search team and New Ross Rescue, Waterford Maritime Search and Rescue and Emergency Preparedness personnel, ”he said.

“We are dealing with a muddy and dark area, so the sonar imagery can hopefully guide us,” he added.

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