Parrot a voice for the local humanitarian society – The Troy Messenger

According to the rumor mill, a kangaroo was due to be entered in the Humane Society of Pike County 2022 Pet Photo Contest this week. But, it was a parrot that was the surprise entry, said Donna Brockmann HSPC, president. “I wasn’t expecting a parrot. We’ve never had a parrot before. It’s exciting! “

Brockmann said the parrot is Chuck Sutter’s pet from Troy and “it’s adorable.”

“The parrot appears to be looking directly at the camera, as if it knows it is being photographed,” Brockmann said. “Maybe he knew.”

The bird is actually a Quaker parrot, a species known for its clown antics and as a talented talker. So, Chuck named his parrot Gabby and he lived up to his nickname.

“We also never had a talking pet in the contest, so Gabby will be a fun entry,” said Brockmann. Especially if Gabby can say, “Vote for me!

Brockmann said the more entries there were for the Humane Society of Pike County’s pet photo contest, the more interest there would be, the more votes and more dollars raised for the program. Humane Society Sterilization / Sterilization Program.

“For some reason there are now more unwanted dogs and cats than we have had,” Brockmann said. “Since March 2014, Tammy Howington of TARP (Troy Animal Rescue Program) has assisted in the placement of thousands of pets in southern Alabama. She and her volunteers deserve our congratulations. We thank them wholeheartedly. “

Brockmann said if more Pike County residents and Troy University students had their animals spayed, there would be fewer unwanted and unloved animals.

“It’s heartbreaking to see an unwanted, unloved and abused animal,” said Brockmann. “Spaying animals is what we can and must do to solve this problem. “

If Chuck Sutter’s parrot could speak, and he can speak, then he would plead a vote for himself or, perhaps, he will be the voice of all the pets in the contest, which is all about reducing animals. suffering and helpless. .

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