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Two leading price watchers report lower gas prices during the holiday season as reports focus on a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

“Consumers can take a break from the pumps right now, but it’s not for a very good reason,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “A potential economic slowdown induced by COVID-19 hurts everyone and could prompt OPEC to cut production if oil prices fall too low.”

The decision by OPEC and its oil-producing allies not to cut production has also helped ease the upward pressure on prices, according to an AAA report. The national average for a gallon of gasoline fell 4 cents per week to $ 3.35. For consumers, gasoline prices were also low on October 20.

In Robeson County, over the past week, regular gas prices have hovered around $ 3 per gallon, which was below the state average ($ 3.13) and the national average ( $ 3.33).

The AAA report showed details of a December 2 analysis of OPEC and its allies, a group called OPEC +. In that report, OPEC announced that it “would stick to its plan, for now, to increase production by 400,000 bpd in January.”

AAA officials commenting on the OPEC statement said the move was likely in response to “the Biden administration’s call to increase supply to bring high fuel prices under control.”

At $ 3 a gallon in Lumberton, a 15 gallon tank of gasoline would cost $ 45.

In the United States, gas prices differed widely. California again topped the list of the most expensive gasoline gallons ($ 4.68); Oklahoma had the cheapest gallon of gasoline ($ 2.91).

On Thursday, published its list of “America’s most dangerous towns,” attributing high gas prices to aggressive driving while on vacation.

“Drivers in 2021 are facing the highest vacation gasoline prices in seven years, and it’s no wonder the added stress of paying for gas on top of vacation travel is shifted to the route, ”said Thursday’s report.

“With the holiday season approaching and with the highest seasonally gas prices in over half a decade, we are seeing a lot of frustration on the road as traffic skyrockets as the country recovers from COVID , and stress manifests itself in aggressive behavior behind the wheel, ”said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. “Aggressive driving is not only dangerous, it costs Americans billions of dollars a year. Adopting better habits on the road and paying attention to fuel efficiency can improve drivers’ gas mileage by up to 25%, thereby reducing their fuel costs. “

According to the GasBuddy rankings, with the national average gasoline price now at $ 3.35 / gal, over $ 1 during the 2020 holiday season, consumer driving habits in some cities are over 30% more aggressive during the holidays compared to the rest of the year.

Tucson, Arizona, tops America’s most scrupulous cities’ list, followed by Jacksonville, Florida; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma completing the top three.

Raleigh was ranked 7th Scroodiest, higher than Nashville, Tennessee (8); Detroit, Michigan (9) and St. Louis, Missouri (10).

The only other North Carolina city on the list was Charlotte (16)

Other less “Scroogy” cities included New York, New York (18); Pittsburg, Pa. (19); Atlanta, Georgia (20) and Phoenix, Arizona (31) – a little unusual as Tucson, Arizona, about two hours south, has ranked as “America’s most Scroogian city”.

The least Scoogy? Seattle, Washington (50).

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