Police still search for man lost in Port Aransas waves

Dan Parker

Emergency personnel aboard a Nueces County Fire Rescue Boat (foreground) and Coast Guard vessel just past the waves on Port Aransas beach as a A search was underway today (Wednesday, June 30) for a San Antonio man who went missing in the surf near marker 10. (South Jetty staff photo by Dan Parker, © 2021.)

First responders in the late afternoon (Wednesday, June 30) were still searching for a 20-year-old man from San Antonio after police received a report of drowning near terminal 12 on the beach, according to Port Aransas Police Chief Scott Burroughs. .

The man’s father, who EMS transported to the Bay Area from Corpus Christi Medical Center, allegedly saw his son in distress in the water and tried to help him, and then got himself into trouble in the waves, the chef said.

The father is believed to be still in hospital but his condition could not be determined.

Authorities did not disclose the names of the victims.

Burroughs said the beach had red flags at the time of the report, meaning you should only swim in waist-deep water due to the strong currents.

Members of the Port Aransas Police Department, Port Aransas volunteer firefighters and Beach Rescue were involved in the search. The same goes for the Coast Guard and Nueces County firefighters.

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