Rabbits thrown into box at Watford Animal Rescue Center

Hello, my name is Hoppity and I am a nice one year old boy. I was unfortunately thrown in a box at the National Animal Welfare Trust with my friends three weeks ago but luckily was found by a member of staff.

I’m still getting used to being petted, which I’ve started to enjoy. Like most rabbits, I don’t like to be picked up.

I’m a real foodie, I always greet the staff in the morning to let them know I’m ready for my breakfast. I also really like my vegetables and rub my chin against everything to mark my scent.

I would really like to have company, so I would like to live with another neutered rabbit.

And I’m Tigger, a sweet one-year-old girl. My friends and I were thrown in the center in a box. I was a little nervous at first, but now I’ve had time to settle in and get to know the staff. I like jumping and getting punched on the nose.

Watford Observer:

I could live with children of any age as long as adults take care of them the most while I settle in and would love to live with a neutered male rabbit for company.

Me and Hoppity are used to living outside, so we would like to live in a spacious hutch, as well as a run so we can get plenty of daily exercise and stretch our legs.

If you could give Hoppity and/or Tigger a good home, email [email protected] or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to meet them.

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