Rescue Dog Wines launched in Georgia, half of profits go to rescue organizations

The newest wine of 2020 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon / Rescue Dog Wines. A Sauvignon Côte Nord 2020.

Rescue Dog Wines, based in St. Helena, California, enters the Georgia market with its wines, 50% of the proceeds of which goes to rescue dog organizations.

Rescue Dog wines are available to order through the company’s website (, but are now rolling out in stores across Georgia, including their 2020 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon and a new blend of red wine, through distributor Artisan Beverages of Georgia (

Rescue Dog Wines has won numerous awards, including two gold medals at the highly regarded San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. In addition to the two new wines mentioned above, the wines currently available include the predominantly Poodle Sauvignon Blanc, the Rose 2018, the Beloved Mixed Red, the Bubbly Boxer Sparking Rose and the Bubbly Boxer Demi Sec Sparkling.

Rescue Dog Wines currently supports the English Bulldog Rescue Bully Ball in Atlanta and Best Friends Animal Society, in addition to other local and national rescue organizations across the United States. The winemaker was present at the Kennesaw Beer and Wine Festival on October 30 and will have a presence at the Decatur Wine Festival on November 6 and the Acworth Beer and Wine Fest on November 13.

Sales for Georgia are managed by Rescue Dog Wine National Sales Manager Mark Fedorchak and Happy Harris of Decatur, both industry veterans. Rescue Dog Wines is owned by Blair and Laura Lott, who recently returned from a 10-year stint in California to reside in Augusta, Georgia.

“Our family vineyard is in Acampo, California, but Georgia is my home state and I’m happy to be back home,” said Blair Lott, president of the company. “Laura and I are on a mission to promote Rescue Dog Wines and the rescue dog organizations here.”

Laura Lott, Chief Giving Officer of Rescue Dog Wine, added, “Our goal is to build a strong presence in Georgia as a wine, but more importantly, we believe that helping Georgia Rescue Dogs find good homes forever is our ultimate mission and that of our company. . We both love rescue dogs!

Rescue Dog Wines is looking to partner with animal rescue organizations to donate wines at auction or to serve guests at fundraising events.

About Rescue Dog Wines

The goal of Rescue Dog Wines is to produce award-winning, world-class wines from certified sustainable green grapes of national origin, as well as to raise awareness, celebrate and provide financial support for the Rescue Dog movement.

About Artisan Beverage of Georgia

Artisan Beverage is a local family business. Paul Bynum and David Bynum have over 25 years of combined beverage and distribution experience in the Atlanta and Southeast market. Both focus on service, brand value, and affordability when supporting any new item entering the Georgia market.

Source: Rescue Dog Wines


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