Rescue Mission Discipleship Graduate manages the Rescued Treasures store

CASPER, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – This year, 62 people graduated from the Wyoming Rescue Mission Disciple Recovery Program.

A graduate went on to work with the mission as a manager of their rescued treasure stores.

“I found myself at the rescue mission in March 2020, I had nowhere to go, I was lost. I knew if I didn’t do something, if I didn’t change anything, either I would go to jail or I would die … one or the other, ”said Adam Flack, graduate-in-training. disciple.

The program uses a Bible-based addiction recovery model. It takes a year to complete, divided into three phases of four months.

According to Flack, having the time to build a relationship with God was one of the best things discipleship offered. He thinks he’s a completely different person than he was two years ago thanks to the rescue mission.

“In the end, locking myself up wasn’t the answer. The program gave me the opportunity to get to know God and to bond with other people who were battling the same demons as me. It was completely different from anything I had done in the past, which is exactly what I needed, ”said Flack.

After graduating from the program, Adam decided to stay local and give back to the community that has done so much to help him. He stays involved in the community through the stores and feels he can help others, even just by providing positive experiences.

“Donors are the number one reason the stores are successful as they are and the customers. The fact that I’m able to serve them now after they’ve given me what they’ve given me is just amazing, ”said Flack.

For more information on the recovery program, visit the Wyoming Rescue Mission website.

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